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Available Positions

Current Opportunities at Immor-Tech LLC

Public Relations Representative 

This position requires active engagement connecting projects, and media with potential clientele. The ideal candidate is capable of providing high-quality photographs of all jobs and instantaneous website and media updates. 10+ years experience is required in a combination of marketing and public relations.

Lead Marine Biologist

A team is needed to design and research the artificial reef in order to best serve Florida's ecosystem needs. A strong leader fluent in the specific challenges of this mission is needed to succeed in assisting our partner Reef Resolutions in their artificial reefs completion. 10+ years experience in the field of marine biology is required to qualify for this position.

Construction Supervisor

This position requires operating a high level construction team throughout the course of a variety of projects. Keeping a highly detailed log of daily field operations as well as orchestrating daily operations will be your primary duty. 10+ years of experience acting as a supervisor or foreman on large scale construction projects is required to qualify for this position.

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