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Immor-Tech dedicates its funding and research to the improvement of tomorrow. Where problems lie dormant, we take action. Using state of the art technologies combined with carefully picked partnerships, we help the world to be a better place for generations to come.


Reef stack challenge

We want to see your design! Build a stack with our plates and send us a picture. If we like it, we will make it into a full-size model that will go into the ocean with your name on it as a part of the world's largest artificial reef. No limit on submissions, so get to stackin' 

Upcoming Project

Immor-Tech and partnering companies are in the works of creating the worlds largest artificial reef. Construction is expected to begin in Q2 of 2022. The proposed reef is designed to occupy 1,742,400 square feet surpassing the area of the current largest reef by more than 1.5 million square feet.

Summary of the project

Florida is home to over 3800 small artificial reefs spread all around the state. These have had profound impacts on local and migratory marine life, as well as helped to assist economic growth. Immor-Tech and its partners for the project, would like to amplify that by creating the world's largest artificial reef right here on the east coast of Florida. The total footprint of the reef when completed will be 1320 feet long by 1320 feet wide for a total of 1,742,400 square feet of environmentally vital ecosystem. (Total of 12,100 reef structures) The initial reef will be far enough offshore to not affect the waves breaking onshore.  It is expected to bring in millions of dollars in revenue annually to the tourism industry and to save millions of fish displaced by the loss of our natural reefs. In effect Immor-Tech and partners will improve the resilience of local and migrating marine life, and benefit surrounding eco systems for generations to come.

Coral Reef

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